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Gold Link helps you find the products you need at the right price and helps you start from just a concept to a satisfactory product or a collection that gives you a unique solution, whether it’s the look of the product, the sales packaging, or the shipping packaging.

3,000 SQM Showroom

You can easily find the hot products in the market,also bring you purchasing inspiration through the product display.

Self-Owned Factory

Our factory is only 15-minute by car to the port, and the strict production control ensures there will be no delay in delivery.

Custom Request

We will take your idea from design, to 3D sample, then mass production, and finally sell it in stores to make it a reality.

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The products have been tested by the market and time, so please feel free to choose the products you are interested in.



Here you can find almost all household cleaning related products to help you expand your new collection in the field of cleaning.



Including pegs and hangers with plastic, wooden, metal material, etc. here you can find a variety of material laundry products.


Bath brush,Toilet brush,etc.

Starting with bathroom brushes, we have also expanded into other bathroom products, such as bath tubs and floor mats.

Any other product that you are looking for?

Factory has BSCI and FSC certifications, the products also with test report which Compliance with EU and US regulations.

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Our Services

How We Work To Achieve Your Goals

Product Development

Give us your ideas for the new season and we will compile the collection into a moodboard for you to choose from.

Design Sketch

We will send you a first draft of the product with correct color and packaging for your confirmation.

Prepare Sample

You will receive the sample to confirm for mass production, and if it is a new product, you will receive a 3D sample.


We are committed to producing high-quality products that meet or exceed your expectations.

On-Time Delivery

Our factory is only 15-minute by car to the port,ensures there will be no delay in delivery.

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Focus on household products for 20+ years, let’s raise your project profit to the next level!

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Let Us Be Your Partners Preferred Household Products Partner

We strive to exceed the needs of our clients with a personal touch. Whether you’re looking for home, kitchen or household-related items – Let Us be your partner in achieving success!

20 injection machines, 5 Zahoransky tufting machines,25 Experienced Sales, and 5 quality controllers.

With Gold Link, you can leave your project in trusted hands and know that we’ll take care of all aspects from start to finish.

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